'If only you reflect'

Purpose this, purpose that;
motion theory, quantum math

science this, technology that;
medical theory, fiscal math

semantics this, poetry that;
literary theory, prose math

geography this, history that
civics theory, political math

halal this, haraam that;
batil theory, wajib math

deen this, dunya that;
akhlaqi theory, fiqhi math

jism this, nafs that;
dhaahir theory, baatin math

action this, intention that;
tawbah theory, repentance math

abid this, arif that;
ilm theory, hilm math

adalah this, wilayah that;
life theory, life math.

Life this,
purpose that

life theory,
purpose math.

A version of this was first published for Wali ul Asr Learning Institute, in their sixth annual poetry competition. 

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