2013, in poetry

Time and again, 
will you find yourself returning
not to the places that welcome you,
but where you are content 
mostly, with yourself

Come what may, 
keep your head on those shoulders; 
and feet planted firmly, 
on the ground

the allure
that is


My love,
you were born to fail 
for in every fall, there lies a rise; 
and pending every sunset 
a sunrise

O night, 
You are my cover 
My burly lover 

Breathing that steams; 
And the facade 
That is calm

Nine times
Will you find love 
Before you find humility
Man, woman, or child

We are a species
Full of void, and yet 

Blissful, oblivious

Let me paint you a you,

And you, paint me a me

You must,
Oh, you must
Now, and then
Turn off all that pain
In this world

Or, forever
Will you be
And in a daze


Nip it in the bud
this incessant need
to share every moment of every day
with everyone and everywhere

'Tis a wide-eyed wonder


Create not because the beauty inside is in need of esteem, 
but that if it were not let out, 
unjust thou would have been 

to an arid world.

that morphs soon into vanity 
will bear no good to the body, 
nor is it of any use 

to your soul.

Of what use 
is any of it,
if it stems not 

from a real place

You are 
a sun dart; 
rise, and shine

my fellow (wo)man

Of what significance is acclaim, when we are all broken anyway.

True strength lies in knowing how weak we really are.

Quite simply, 
I refuse to hate you back. 
Come what may, love is all I will 
ever have to give in return. 
I dare you.

Behind closed doors, 
pound away at the vulnerable 
Up on Yonge and Dundas though, 
say no to sexual assault 
Cloaked and dried, 


Wage war on hate;
fight for peace;

hope in love

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